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Month: October, 2009

Firenze Fast Forward

FFF Florence Fast Forward Wednesday 28 october, 18:00 pm, Feltrinelli bookshop, Florence.

Mercoledì 28 ottobre alle 18, la presentazione di FFF alla libreria Feltrinelli , in via Cerretani 30r, sarà l’occasione per ragionare un po’ sui percorsi culturali a Firenze con l’assessore alla cultura del comune, Giuliano Da Empoli, Yates Buckley di Unit9, Sergio Tossi direttore di Ex3 e con Marco Brizzi e Gianni Sinni di FFF. Vi aspettiamo.






    Yesterday I built my new web site.

    To do it I downloaded and used a free cms application: “indexhibit” (A web application used to build and maintain an archetypal, invisible website format that combines text, image, movie and sound.).
    The software (free) is amazing. With it, it’s very easy to upgrade, modify and manage the contents of your web site. The default template is clear and good, but if you want to change it (colors, font, margin, ecc..) you have to know CSS or a good friend that know that.

    For info and download: INDEXHIBIT

so easy


Few months ago I left my motocycle for a bicycle.

Now I can listen to my heart instead of to the engine.

Only my bad english is still the same.