The Path

Month: January, 2010

it is possible

“I am very happy to say that I am now able to paint almost full time”

amazing sentence and art by Leah Giberson


when a thing is made to create beauty, it’s beautiful itself.

it was a perfect mistake

mission redefinition

take ourself with lightness
an heavy exercise
good to do sometimes

works by Eric Ku


I’m a minimalist person and my way is the simplicity,
complexity is a wonderful need

good art by the expensive illustrator/director:  mc bess

Peter Newell

The Slunt Book
a work by Peter Newell, 1910

i have the italian version (new edition) of this book in my home. I saw this level of lightness, poetry and simple dialogue between design and contents, only in the Bruno Munari’s works.

it is also difficult to see a font so hugly (italian version)

painting never ceases to give

art by: Lesley Vance

When art is simple is art.

Art by Johannes Vogl

A designer based in Toronto, Canada.

Art by Jess Atkinson

Lonely Glasses

A pair of non-prescription glasses that function as an anti-lonely device, giving the user the feeling of being surrounded by people when worn.
All work copyright 2005-2009

1993 interview re: Paul Rand