Stephen Gill / Nobody Books

by manuel

Always it is interesting for me when a designer or an artist put in his projects passion, original approach, something related with the intimacy and with the space around his body, experimentation, accident, research.

In Stephen’s pictures there are all these things.

He also understand the craft of making a book – not just a book,  but a great book, one that presents its content in the best way, and creates an emotional and physical bond with his audience.

Stephen Gill founded his imprint Nobody in 2005 in order to exercise maximum control over the publication process of his books. His intention was to make books at one with their content rather than just a shell to house photographs. Experimentation with materials, and a hands-on, tactile approach to maquette making led, in many cases, to his books having an individual, unique presence. This could come in the form of spray paint, or a rubber stamp, sometimes entire books are manufactured and assembled by hand in his Hackney studio.