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Month: May, 2011

Pizza without pizza

Few days ago I was talking with one of my best friends, that is living in Spain from 7 years, about the quality of the italian kitchen. I really don’t know if our school is better than the haute cousine or the best of the world, certainly the French cuisine is definitely the best from the technical point of view, anyway it is not so important, but  surely I never found abroad a chef like Marco Fadiga, his way of cooking that bring together high food, technique and creativity with elegant humor is unique, with great simplicity he plays with the cliché and to turn them in something new, funny and sophisticated.

In the Marco Fadiga Bistrot menu (one of the best in Bologna) you can find, between Foie gras and oyster bay, a plate like “Bolognese spaghetti” (that they are famous abroad, but every Italian knows well that they don0t really exist, because the “ragù” meat souce can’t work wit this kind of pasta) served in a paper box with the chopsticks like the noodlesor “Caprese Sushi” that is a perfect Sushi roll made only with mozzarella, tomato and basilico.

Last night the peak of fun (and the taste): “Pizza without Pizza“, an amazing soup made just with the ingredients of the pizza but without the dough contained in a plate inside the classic Pizza paper box.


In 1998, Pablo San José decided that his signature would become a brand. He was interested in the processes of artistic signature promotion and in their parallelism with other commercial signatures, and began a still-ongoing work, a project that constructs itself with each piece executed. “The artist is the brand, the artwork is the product”…  > continued

A project that is based on minimalist geometric abstraction but which we could term “critical abstraction”.

“American Colors” is a series of different paintings that use the 5 conventional colours applied to the races of the world. Its composition is based on the population census percentage, percentage of population in prison and the poverty rate by races in the USA. Formalist language is reconsidered, overcoming intuitive compositions or compositions
conditioned by arithmetic or geometric progressions that lack meaning, in such a way that in this case, statistics, and not the abstract, even though it is also mathematical, are the element that establishes the percentage of each colour used in the painting. Colour is used in a way that conveys meaning and conceptually linked to the use of language to refer to different races. These are therefore paintings that can be read. The title of each one, e.g. “USA population by race” or “USA prison population by race” leads the viewer to obtain quite a different vision from the one obtained on first contemplating these artistic objects, which through their execution (formica on wood), reproduce the finish of the lifestyle design.

BELARUS FREE THEATER / A project by Trelink

Our last editorial project, looking for a publisher.

photos by Alessandro Vincenzi # graphic design by me


The aim is to support the Belarus activities through a “book presentation”: with this contribute, beside offering a consideration for the reader around the work of the Belarus, we want to recognize the political and civic commitment of the company. The book present the Belarus Free Theatre activities, theatre company which have arouse particular interest in the international scenario for the political and civic commitment, achieving also a Special Mention at the XII edition of the Theatre European Prize (on suggestion of Vaclav Havel, Tom Stoppard e Harold Pinter) and the French Republic Human Rights Prize in 2007. The Belarus Free Theatre activities, being socialpolitic and information against are illegal, as the Belarus Government persecutes them.


1. A black elastic band surrounds the book, covering (censure evocation) in the cover the book title.

2. The firsts pages of the volume have been rip out to remind to the concept of the censure.

3. The note of the texts use the QR code, a graphic codex that when photograph by a mobile phone connect directly to the web site which will be create ad-hoc, constantly update and dedicated at the Belarus Free Theatre (texts, images, videos, interviews). In this way the book acquires hypertext and interactive character.

4. The square frame, graphic element chosen by the company as unique decorative element of the stage, becomes in the book the symbol, which connects together different parts.

5. At the end of the book is illustrated a map which shows the cities who have host the Belarus Free Theatre, since the born till the date.

The pictures of Alessandro Vincenzi mainly compose the book.
The first part of the book shows the pictures that Vincenzi took during his stay in Minsk, in those places where the company was born and act. The second part shows the stage of the company presented as a prima nazionale at the Festival VIE di Modena, Italy in 2009 (organized by ERT-Emilia Romagna Teatro) along with the text that describe the adventure of the company. The aim of this iconography structure is to show the way of work of the group articulating the colour pictures of the performances presented in Italy and the black and white pictures (exhibited at the Foro Boario of Modena in 2009 and at the Teatro Parenti of Milan in 2010) which shown the daily life of the Belarus in Minsk.

Wider – logotype

Logotype for Wider Yacht / portfolio


Germany 13 February 2011 (Berlin International Film Festival)
Germany 21 February 2011 (Essen)
Germany 24 February 2011
China 22 March 2011 (Hong Kong International Film Festival)
Hong Kong 22 March 2011 (Hong Kong International Film Festival)
France 3 April 2011 (Alès Film Festival)
France 6 April 2011
Switzerland 6 April 2011 (French speaking region)
Switzerland 14 April 2011 (German speaking region)
UK 22 April 2011
Greece 24 April 2011
Turkey 29 April 2011
Belgium 4 May 2011
Luxembourg 4 May 2011
Netherlands 4 May 2011


Italy’s 150th anniversary of the Unification

150 italian graphic designers design 150 poster for the 150th anniversary of Unification of Italy.
Project by Mario Piazza.
Exhibition: 19 > 22 may / Civitanova Marche Fair, Italy.


Minimal Maximalist

I’m not against the complexity, I just feel closer to simplicity.

A2591 “Minimalist effect in the maximalist market.

Krisis Magazine # n. 1 Identity

//One of most interesting things that I’ve read in the last years.//
 is a project which underlying’s aim is to suggest a reflection about different aspects of the permanent crisis and about the responsabilities which come from operating as designer, that is to say as the ones who shape things, both material and immaterial, within this contemporary scenario… (see the web site)

Tiphography in Santa Maria Novella Train Station

Inside the Florence Santa Maria Novella train station , one of the masterpieces of the Italian Rationalism movement
in the twentieth century, there is an interesting system of signage system that is in perfect harmony with the architecture.

The typography is also amazing, until now i wasn’t able to know who is the designer, so if someday I’ll decide to do it in digital version somebody will be offended?

La Nuova Galleria Inesistente

Since last month appeared a series of mysterious and beautiful posters on the walls of Bologna center.
That is, we need an act illegal to have something interesting instead of the usualhideous advertising posters.

Now I have to know who is (the artist?) beyond this amazing show, someone know the answer?