Pizza without pizza

by manuel

Few days ago I was talking with one of my best friends, that is living in Spain from 7 years, about the quality of the italian kitchen. I really don’t know if our school is better than the haute cousine or the best of the world, certainly the French cuisine is definitely the best from the technical point of view, anyway it is not so important, but  surely I never found abroad a chef like Marco Fadiga, his way of cooking that bring together high food, technique and creativity with elegant humor is unique, with great simplicity he plays with the cliché and to turn them in something new, funny and sophisticated.

In the Marco Fadiga Bistrot menu (one of the best in Bologna) you can find, between Foie gras and oyster bay, a plate like “Bolognese spaghetti” (that they are famous abroad, but every Italian knows well that they don0t really exist, because the “ragù” meat souce can’t work wit this kind of pasta) served in a paper box with the chopsticks like the noodlesor “Caprese Sushi” that is a perfect Sushi roll made only with mozzarella, tomato and basilico.

Last night the peak of fun (and the taste): “Pizza without Pizza“, an amazing soup made just with the ingredients of the pizza but without the dough contained in a plate inside the classic Pizza paper box.