The Book Affair

by manuel

A week ago, in conjunction with the preview of the Venice Art Biennale, I went with a Master Photographer and friend of me Luca Capuano,
to visit The Book Affair, a small but interesting exhibition of independent art publishers. Our goal was to find design inspiration for a photo book that we are going to do, unfortunately it wasn’t useful at all for that, but the event was well organized, the publishers were interesting and the some books had a good design.

In the last period many independent art/design publisher are being born all around the world, often they build a network between each other and with artists, graphic designers, and book stores. Almost all projects are limited editions, printed in digital.

We have several book projects underway, and we are very undecided between limited edition (self publishing) or international release. From one hand big publishers and large retailers can reach many people, but from the other and the limited edition allows us to have a much higher quality. Digital printing is often the only way for them because offset printing is too expensive, especially for limited editions.
But the question also is: it isn’t a contradiction to use a digital print to do a quality limited edition?
Event organized by: Automatic Books