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Month: January, 2012

OFF 2012

Bologna Arte Fiera OFF 2012 was quite a turn OFF .
But one place was deeply exciting.

“Deeply Superficial”, Andy Warhols’ works from 1960 to 1980
by Orea Malià and Rosini Gutman Gallery.
Started with a preview night giving the first look, went through the 2nd night with a long queue of hungry people, got to the 3rd, Sunday evening, that offered a beautiful concert in the memory of the Holocaust.
This Sopran-electronic-klezmer concert “Kol Bpm” by Delilah Gutman and Roberto Paci Dalò, took place inbetween Warhol’s works and Oreàs’ mirrors, like those were playing back and forward with Delilah’s voice.

Thanks to Beatrice Baccarani and Marco Zanardi.

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A slim cup

Maybe it isn’t the best for cookies but it is amazing.

Sharon Merlin is a 28 years old Israeli designer.

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“With the technology and design pacing towards the sleekest and slimmest look, the traditional
cup also gets the slimmest look. The flattened ceramic cup comes accompanied with the
ceramic saucer. It appears like a typical coffee cup from its front side, but at an angle of 90
degrees it shows its true shape.”


tel aviv  by Manuel_72
tel aviv , a photo by Manuel_72 on Flickr.

Photo Boot # 2

(me  and half) Very old black and white photo boot machine <> Berlin 2006

Photo Booth # 1

(Me and Mirit) old black and white photo boot <>  Palais de Tokyo <> Paris  2011

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New Made in Italy / Paper Resistance

Self Defence Graphics

Paper Resistance is an Italian artist and illustrator who lives in Bologna a few years,
and we are lucky for that.

Paper Resistance è originario del Salento ma vive a Bologna da diversi anni. È co-fondatore della rivista Inguine Mah!gazine, dove pubblica regolarmente. Nel 2005 pubblica insieme a Squaz 25 disegni, una raccolta di illustrazioni. Ha illustrato libri per la casa editrice Agenzia x. Nel 2008 esce la raccolta di disegni Handcuffs, interamente dedicata alle manette. Nel 2008 al Ram Hotel di Bologna viene allestita la sua mostra Security First, dove viene scandagliato il rapporto carnefice-vittima. Ha prodotto e curato pubblicazioni per Blu, Ericailcane, Squaz, Ratigher, Alessandro Baronciani, Dem, Rekal, Maicol e Mirco.

Mi faccio facilmente suggestionare da tutto quello che vedo in giro quotidianamente, poi il tutto viene rielaborato secondo un gioco di incastri e combinazioni basate sul paradosso”.

happy new year :: the barrel scraper

Sculpture by Paper Resistance

– new year’s eve in bologna is traditionally celebrated in the main square with the burning of a huge puppet that represents the old year. since 1993 the puppet has been made by artists bound up with the city. 2012 is the year of  “the barrel scraper”.

New Made in Italy / Osteria Francescana

Three Michelin star, fourth best restaurant in the world, the best in Italy. Chef Mario Bottura won the 2010 Gran Prix de l’Art de la Cuisine of the Académie Internationale de la Gastronomie (Best chef in the world), he is a key figure among a new generation of italian chefs.

A contemporary cuisine in an elegant eleven table restaurant combined with art and design.
Located in the heart of medieval Modena in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. Just 40km away from me but I still haven’t had an Osteria Francescana experience, but I’ll guess to have to wait a bit.
they are closed two month a year, January and Agoust, that’s a very good recipe, to keep being creative and passionate about what you do in the other ten month in the year, meanwhile I’ll wait they’ll reopen fresh and inspired.

Their web site is full of balanced details, photos, typography, videos and text that create a warm and clear experience with an original rhythm.
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