OFF 2012

by manuel

Bologna Arte Fiera OFF 2012 was quite a turn OFF .
But one place was deeply exciting.

“Deeply Superficial”, Andy Warhols’ works from 1960 to 1980
by Orea Malià and Rosini Gutman Gallery.
Started with a preview night giving the first look, went through the 2nd night with a long queue of hungry people, got to the 3rd, Sunday evening, that offered a beautiful concert in the memory of the Holocaust.
This Sopran-electronic-klezmer concert “Kol Bpm” by Delilah Gutman and Roberto Paci Dalò, took place inbetween Warhol’s works and Oreàs’ mirrors, like those were playing back and forward with Delilah’s voice.

Thanks to Beatrice Baccarani and Marco Zanardi.

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