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Month: April, 2012

Rosemarie’s baby _ limited edition

A book by Alessandro dedicated to Rosemarie and their baby matias.
92 pages that takes you through the journey of nine month of pregnancy.
The tension, worries and fear of becoming a mother.
The concern for the baby’s health, the immense love for the coming creature.
All of those were the feelings and thoughts held by Rosemarie during the first months of her pregnancy.
Slowly those tensions are fading away and everything goes well as it should go.

Alessandro, partner to life of Rosemarie and the father of Matias is taking us through this journey with his 89 photos in black & white, constantly nurturing a growing emotionuntil the first day of Matias’s life.
The graphic design of the book, is giving much space to the photos and the journey.
The materials and format creates a sensorial, poetic and intimate experience.
The half format inserts (manually) indicates each month, until getting the moment where the skin color paper is nude of any number.

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Music on Bones






Bone records, or roentgenizdat, were music recordings on an unlikely medium: discarded x-ray plates. During the Second World War in Eastern Europe, vinyl became an extremely expensive way of producing records. Therefore, during the 1930s and 40s, the lack of available materials caused both labels and individual music enthusiasts to search for new ways of production. Music became available on all types of wax and film, but most notably photographic film and x-ray plates. The plates were favored because of their thicker density…

you can see the originals at the MAXXI exhibition “Re-Cycle”

Urbino / ISIA

Luca Capuano, photographer and good friend invited me to speak in his
photography class in ISIA, academy of graphic Design, Urbino (one of the best in its field).
It’s the first time i visit this inestimable Renaissance treasure of Urbino, an Unesco world heritage

Subscriptions for the ISIA Typography Summer School are open until 16 May 2012.

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Salone del Mobile 2012 – Fuorisalone

The most interesting area of the Fuorisalone was Ventura Lambrate.

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Once upon a time in Anatolia

Just a piece of art.


new made in italy // Cesura Publish

One of the most interesting self publishing project in and out of Italy.

Cesura Publish >> web site
To self-publish our work allows us to promote our various photographic 
projects while also staying true to principles we adhere to: independence,
autonomy and control of production process. 

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