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Month: June, 2012

Gordon Bennet Tel Aviv

If you love road bicycle and you like road bicycle but you want a road bicycle and maybe also you are in Tel Aviv, so don’t miss top say shalom to Gordonbennent / fixed/road/vintage/frame///

Riding TLV

Tel Aviv’s bike share program is a smart thing. You can pick one up and drop it off at stations all over the city with no advance notification. All you need is a credit card.

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The lost thing

GENERE: Fantasy, Commedia, Drama. (Cortometraggio Animato)
ANNO: 2010
REGIA: Shaun Tan, Andrew Ruhemann
ATTORI: narrato da Tim Minchin
NAZIONE: Australia

New made in italy // T W O

Think Work Observe is a graphic design practice born in 2011, based in Italy and run by Piero Di Biase and Alberto Moreu. We follow different projects in graphic design, typography and photography. We design printed matter, visual identities and websites, with a background of past experiences in developing identities for design furniture companies. We also acquired skills in designing our own typefaces, as well as customizing already existing fonts, using them to make a more focused project. We work on creating
objects and shaping contents, and in the end creating and managing a flux of skilled professionals.
Please get in touch, if you would like to have
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Archivio Tipografico

Archivio tipografico
Questa tipografia è stata messa in piedi per puro divertimento e ovviamente per soddisfare il desiderio di continuare a stampare con il sistema rilievografico. L’Archivio Tipografico infatti non è un museo ma una stamperìa a tutti gli effetti nella quale, compatibilmente con lo spazio a disposizione si continuano ad acquisire dopo attenta selezione, caratteri di stampa di legno, resina e piombo prevalentemente nell’altezza francese e cioè 23,566 mm…




L’edicola is the first of a series of biennial appointments about magazines on art, fashion, design and architecture. At the core of the project there, five experimental magazines are invited to recount themselves through unpublished materials. Each of them develops a precise contribution, joined by a contributor or an artist, and the result is an complex and multiform exhibition…