New Made in Italy # Stile Italiano

by manuel

Segno Italiano, the culture of Italian handcrafted products.

What is Segno Italiano?

It is a network of artisans, designers, supporters and enthusiasts whose common objective is the reconsideration of the value of Italian handcrafted products.


Its approach is to make an exacting collection of handcrafted objects of historical and qualitative significance.
The products are selected by investigating the particular output of individual regions of Italy, through visits and archival research.
In meticulously looking for artisanal values embedded in the territory, Segno Italiano reintroduces objects that already are part of Italian manufacturers’ output and in particular long forgotten models, no longer in production.
Through the organisation of timely events, establishing a blog for discussion and producing a documentary film, Segno Italiano aims to communicate the process of the artefact’s development in an effective and involving way, from the raw material through to finishing, while paying particular attention to the figure of the artisan.


Segno Italiano
Via Meloria 10 – 20148 Milano

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Tel: +39-02-33009658