FOLK-S will you still love me tomorrow?

The traditional folk dance is the grid.
They play delicately with this grid, always sticking to it, never abandoning it,
while adding constantly little elements and shifts into it.
The extra elements moves between music, lights, an accordion, through sudden interaction between couple of them or with the audience, color changes of their shirt (by their sweat level),
a moment of despair and smiles exchange.

From time to time, the main dance become a background to all the other inserts,
as a well done grid, you can’t really see it.

The monotony of their movement gives us the ability to notice the tiniest happening on the stage.
But when “nothing happens”, and they only dance their folk dance, it feels like a good long caress,
where you can dive into your own mind and ideas.

I was feeling amazed, mercy, admiration, i was feeling patient and calm, charmed, i was feeling their catharsis, battle and pain.

In an unpredictable time and rhythm they left the stage,
one by one, and as they announced before, never came back.
we applauded.

FOLK-S will you still love me tomorrow?
30th October /Arena del Sole / Gender Bender 2012
by Alessandro Sciarroni
Marco D’Agostin, Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld, Francesca Foscarini, Matteo Ramponi, Francesco Vecchi

post by Mirit Wissotzky