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Month: March, 2011

new work # 1 # 2011

It is onair our last sissirossi advertising campaign.
For this shooting we choose the art of Alice Colombo, she is a very poetic and interesting young artist.

Do you want to be the next one? Write a email:

Concept and art direction: Trelink Intermedia Network
Photos by: Luca Capuano
Art by Alice Colombo

Animated stereoviews gif

Im in love for these animated gif.

PICKED: 1967 Documentary Romanticizes Bookbinding

via: Brain Pickings

Earlier this week, we took a detour from our intense interest in the evolution of publishing and instead examined its past with a fascinating 1947 documentary on making books. Today, we’re back with some excellent companion viewing: The 1967 documentary Bookbinders, part of the America at Work series by the AFL-CIO, which frames the book production process with enough romanticism to make today’s most notorious “better-nevers” nod along like the bobblehead dogs on the dashboard of a New York cabbie.

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Letters Lost and Found

Type designer Scott-Martin Kosofsky explains the creation of Le Bé, his new digitization of a beautiful 16th-century Hebrew typeface. It debuts in The Selected Poems of Yehuda Halevi, a Nextbook Press e-book published this week.

I like also the video itself, just made with a simple slideshow and sounds.

Diego Levy

Intersting spanish photographer and videomaker.

White by Kenya Hara

I just received “White” by Japanese designer Kenya Hara.

Perhaps it is the most interesting book I ever read about design,
but I have yet to finish it, maybe it improves.

Published by Lars Muller Publishers

I Love Bicycles | blog

I Love Bicycles

NY8MM: #01

video by cycleangelo

via I Love Bicycles

“I’ve decided that shooting video footage with a DSLR is probably not the best idea, so I got some tools to work with (see below) and messed around shooting with my iPhone 4 for the first time. Not too bad, aside from losing battery life after some odd hours.
After fiddling around with the 8MM app, I fell in love with the quality and colors. (I won’t be surprised if it becomes the Hipstamatic of iPhone videos).
NY8MM will be a video series of riding (casually, or seriously) around New York filmed with my iPhone + the 8MM iPhone app.
01/16/11 – We strolled from midtown to the East Village for the usual Filipino brunch at Cafe 81, then headed over the Williamsburg to visit the Outlier showroom, then King Kog to grab Rex a fender. Shot over the bridge again to stop by the Reed Space before I headed back home. I’m completely over the snow and cold at this point, and can’t wait til the spring.

• iPhone 4 + 8MM App
• Joby GoMobile for iPhone 4 tripod
• Edited using FCP (no filters,effects,etc)

Music © and credits: Arcade Fire – Month of May

Daniel Rozin | interactive art

I played with his art at the Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art, two months ago.

His mirrors (unfortunately it is not yet on his web site) make me like an happy unaware little child, in fact the museum put the mirror in the children art room, a special space to make them able to play with creativity and to be artist for a day.

A space to play with IPad draw applications, sand draw machine, interactive mirrors, graffiti, fluorescent paint, and much more “toys”, is a very good idea, but in my opinion, we are all deserve to be children.